Smart at Heart Trivia 2024

Trivia question for you: How much money did Smart at Heart Trivia raise for Hearts to Art’s 20th Anniversary Summer?

Answer: $19,000!


On behalf of the Auditorium’s Auxiliary Board, we would like to extend our gratitude to all those who made Smart at Heart Trivia a wonderful event! On Thursday, April 9, 2024 we welcomed 150 people to test their knowledge in a wide breadth of topics and questions to support the Auditorium Theatre’s performing arts bereavement summer camp, Hearts to Art. We even had a Hearts to Art trivia team participate in all the action! Throughout the night, teams were wondering “who would possibly know this?” and some even threw glares at the who-shall-not-be-named Trivia Mastermind.

In between rounds, guests enjoyed pizza and drinks from Napolita Pizzeria & Wine Bar at Millennium Hall and took their chances at winning one of the exciting raffle prizes. But by the end of the night, guests left with smiles on their faces and newfound trivia knowledge. It was great to see the community of Hearts to Arts campers, caregivers, staff members, and supporters come together for a special event.

Couldn’t join this year but want to help? Donate now to Hearts to Art Summer Camp to keep the celebration going all summer long!


Thank you to our sponsors: Kevin Dunphy, Goldberg Kohn, Katherine C. Lin, Kathy Bliss, Jason J. DeJonker, Neal Gerber Eisenberg, Sonya Rosenberg, Seyfarth, and our in-kind sponsor, Siglerphotographics.

Thank you to the donors of our raffle and team prizes: Art Institute Chicago, Broadway in Chicago, John P. Brazzale, Pitchfork Music Festival, Flyover, Chicago History Museum, Museum of Illusions, and The LaSalle Chicago



Past Smart at Heart Trivia photos by Justin Cross, SiglerPhotographics, and the Auditorium Theatre.