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Chicago Sun Times —July 17, 2022 “A Camp That Saves Young Lives”

The Arts Section —August 1, 2021: “Host Gary Zidek takes you inside a special arts camp that’s dedicated to young people who have lost a parent”

FOX 32 Chicago —July 27, 2020: Hearts to Art Summer Camp helps children cope with the death of a parent

The Widowed Parent Podcast — February 11, 2020:  Hearts to Art performing arts summer camp with Sarah Illiatovich-Goldman

WBEZ — July 24, 2019: “‘I Have Built A Family Here:’ Summer Camp For Kids Facing Loss”

WGN — August 2, 2019: “Woman who lost father as a child helps kids heal after similar loss”

Tribune — August 2, 2018: “‘I never want to leave”: Arts camp for kids who’ve lost a parent is a balm and, unexpectedly, a blast”

NBC-5 — July 19, 2018: “‘Hearts to Art’ Uses Theater to Help Students Get Through Pain”

The Widowed Parent podcast — February 12, 2020: “Hearts to Art performing art summer camp with Sarah Illiatovich-Goldman”

Dealing with my Grief podcast — February 19, 2020: “Grief And The Arts… A Conversation with Sarah Illiatovitch-Goldman”